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We double up the first deposit bonus! Make a deposit today to any account, and get up to a $5,000 gift from SimpleFX.

The higher the first deposit the bigger the bonus. The rules are simple:

  • $100 for the first deposit higher than $250
  • $200 for the first deposit higher than $500
  • $1000 for the first deposit higher than $2000
  • $5,000 for the first deposit higher than $10,000

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Here’s an interesting stock we added recently.

SoFi is a California-based internet personal finance firm. SoFi stock has been extremely volatile since the company went public by a SPAC in May 2021. The price went up to $24.95 on June 2 but later crashed to $13.56 in mid-August. At the moment it’s trading around $15.61 on SimpleFX.

For SimpleFX traders, it’s a great volatile asset you can acquire or short depending on the trend. Trade SoFi with standard maximum leverage of 50x.

Lucid Group Inc is a US startup that wants to compete with Tesla. On Tuesday the company’s representatives announced that they will start delivering electric vehicles that have a larger driving range than Tesla in late October.

Lucid is running a production preview this week. Media tour of its factory…

We have added two more cryptocurrencies to SimpleFX: Dash and Monero.

Dash is a popular blockchain-based cryptocurrency that aims to address Bitcoin’s 10-minute confirmation weakness. Thus, it offers faster transactions than Bitcoin. Dash was launched on January 18, 2014, as XCoin and was rebranded to Dash on March 25, 2015. Dash means “digital cash.”

Dash (Dash vs US dollar) can be traded on SimpleFX with the ticker symbol DASUSD. Take advantage of the 5x maximum effective leverage.

Monero is a cryptocurrency that puts privacy first. It was the first among its peers to feature cryptography that provides bulletproof anonymity. Its blockchain disguises the participants’ addresses in order to make transaction details, including the number of tokens transferred, anonymous.

Trade Monero (Monero vs US Dollar) under the ticker symbol XMRUSD with as low as $54 and use up to 5x effective leverage.

We have added Lightning Network (LN) transactions to SimpleFX Bitcoin accounts. Now you can:

  • Pay no fees

Never miss a trading opportunity again. Transfer your BTC immediately when you want to BUY or SELL an asset.

Go to SimpleFX

If you haven’t…

This September, you are in for exciting rewards!

Join our September Cashback and get up to $1000 extra paid in bitcoin. To qualify, opt-in, make a deposit, and trade more on your live accounts.

We got the hottest trading instruments for you from various markets — stock, forex, indices, crypto, commodities, and precious metals. Trade anytime and anywhere with an award-winning app and up to 500x leverage at your disposal.

For BNB, BUSD, or USDT SimpleFX account holders, you can make fast and low-cost payments via Binance Smart Chain. Check if your wallet supports it.

Join the offer and earn more on top of huge profits.

The SimpleFX September Cashback starts on September 1, 2021 at 12:00:00 UTC and ends on September 30, 2021 at 23:59:59 UTC. T&C apply.

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Markets are moving. Yesterday Robinhood stocks were up over 80% and closed the session over $70 per share. Hope you were among the SimpleFX traders that made a huge profit on the hottest company at the moment.

You still have 24 hours to earn $750 paid in bitcoin for using your live accounts. Opt-in and trade! The offer ends on Friday at noon UTC.

Hi there,

Robinhood went up 24.2% on Tuesday. After a disappointing IPO on July 29, which was one of the worst in history, the stocks went up 33.47%. Yesterday, the price exploded, going up from $37.87 to $48.34 per share.

Robinhood is a commission-free trading app similar to SimpleFX. You…

Asian stocks retreated on Tuesday as the Delta coronavirus variant spread in key markets in the region, prompting Chinese authorities to heighten their alerts.

Hang Seng Index (HSI50) fell to 25750 on SimpleFX, but since then has recovered and the index is trading at -0.25% at the moment.

Only three days left of SimpleFX Olympic Cashback. Opt in to the offer and get $750 just for trading with your live accounts. The offer ends on Sunday, August 6, at noon 12:00 UTC.

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We may see a half year of gains on global stocks, while the USD is nearing a month low against majors. Despite signs of slowing in Asia, equity markets keep trending upward.

SPX500, DJI30, NDX100 may hit the all-time records any day soon if the trend continues. …


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