Deposit and Withdraw BTC with No Fees, Instantly

1 min readSep 21, 2021

We have added Lightning Network (LN) transactions to SimpleFX Bitcoin accounts. Now you can:

  • Send and receive BTC with no delay
  • Pay no fees

Never miss a trading opportunity again. Transfer your BTC immediately when you want to BUY or SELL an asset.

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If you haven’t used LN yet, learn how to pay with LN and get to know the best wallets supporting Lightning Network.

What is the Bitcoin Lightning Network?

The solution works as a “plugin” or “add-on” to the Bitcoin blockchain. Formally it is called a second layer protocol that allows superfast micropayments by taking the transactions off the blockchain. People in El Salvador, where BTC is a legal tender, use the protocol to make daily payments.

How to use Lightning Network?

To send BTC through LN you need to generate an LN address, so-called invoice, on the receiving end, and scan the QR code, or copy the address to the service you are sending your BTC from.

Visit our special guide to making Lightning Network payments and the best BTC wallets supporting LN.




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