How to Trade Cryptocurrencies, Forex or Stock on Mobile

The two-day trading worlds

Mobile trading can be awesome

Adjust your strategy regularly

Things to watch when trading on a phone or tablet

  • Check your connectivity. Make sure you have good reception, so the accidental lags don’t mess with your trading strategy
  • Choose an app that provides you state of the art security solutions. Hundreds of thousands of users are continually testing the safety features of experienced international brokers like SimpleFX. That is why over the time they have developed fraud-proof policies. This is even more true for brokers with long cryptocurrency transaction history.
  • You shouldn’t go for novelties when trading on mobile. Choose a tool that has several years of history and a couple hundred thousand users.
  • Customer service — although there’s a lot of buzz about customer service automation, the bots are not there yet. You need to count for real-person support preferably in your language since when you need your problem to be solved quickly, you don’t want anything to get lost in translation.

Choosing the Best Chart Time-Frame

Making orders



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