Invest Your USDC and Collect a $150 Bonus

Catch a $150 bonus for your first USDC deposit before June 17. The bonus size depends on the first deposit made to the SimpleFX USD Coin account after 08:00 AM UTC on June 6.

The global markets are at an inflection point. Cryptocurrencies may rebound or plummet at any time. Some stocks are already underpriced, but some companies are crying out loud to be shorted by intelligent traders.

Oil and natural gas may be overpriced if the Western world convinces OPEC to raise daily production or find alternative sources. If you have any stablecoins free after selling your bitcoin or ethereum, consider multiplying them with SimpleFX.

Now you get up to $150 for your first USD Coin deposit. You need to act fast because this offer will expire. Hurry up! This limited-time offer expires on June 17.

Go to SimpleFX!

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