Let the New Winter Trading Banners Make Money for You

2 min readDec 16, 2019

We have just added an amazing set of affiliate banners. Choose the size that fits your site or social media profile, and earn up to 25 percent lifetime revenue share.

This time you can also use animated gif banners that are twice as effective as traditional static images.

It’s that easy.

Log into SimpleFX WebTrader, click go to the affiliate dashboard by clicking the “☰” menu button in the left upper corner of the app…

And choosing “Refer friends” from the slide-in menu.

Now pick “Marketing tools” from the affiliate dashboard menu.

You will see the new banner set on the top of the list.

Now, pick the size, campaign, copy the HTML code, and paste it to your site or social media profile.

From now on when somebody clicks on the banner and registers to SimpleFX will become your Affiliate. You will get a lifetime revenue share from every trade she or he makes.

I also recommend you to try the animated GIF banners. From my experience, they are at least twice as effective as the ordinary static banners. We have prepared GIFs in two sizes 320x50px and 468x60px. Give them a try.

We usually experience large spikes in traffic and trading volume over the winter holiday. Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity.




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