Markets Are on Fire! We Give Away $1,000 in BTC for Trading this Week

It’s going to be a crazy Black Week in 2021. All markets are on fire. Cryptocurrency skeptics are cheering NovemBEAR as Bitcoin declines, but bulls are accumulating waiting for the next rally as crypto adoption rises.

Silver and gold are rallying on the inflation fears from major currencies. On Forex the US dollar is on the roll and has appreciated against the euro by 4.8% this Fall, beating minor currencies badly.

Make sure you profit from all these trading opportunities and grab $1,000 paid in Bitcoin just for trading with SimpleFX until the end of this week, that is midnight UTC on Sunday, November 28.

All you have to do is opt-in to the offer, and trade with your LIVE accounts. The higher the volume of your orders, the bigger the reward!

Stocks have been on fire recently but took a breather. That doesn’t mean that there are no profitable stocks. Lucid Group, the Tesla competitor, and manufacturer of high-end electric vehicles have increased its market value by 137% in less than a month, only to take a steep fall by 5.4% on Wednesday, November 19.

If you’re new to SimpleFX, remember that you can get a $2,500 first deposit bonus and Black Week $1,000 gift on top of that. No time to lose. Go to SimpleFX now!



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