Now You Can Stake&Trade Your Ether Earning 8.55% APR

What’s better than 0% interest on your fiat? How about 8.55%? If you’re tired of sitting around and earning nothing from your savings, now is the time to join Ethereum in their migration away from energy-consuming PoW for a much more efficient PoS that lets you earn ETH by validating transactions.

You can stake ETH 2.0 even if you know nothing about the Ethereum network, don’t have an infrastructure for validating transactions, and cannot invest 32 ETH (over $60k).

Earn up to 8.55% annual interest on your Ether:

  • No fees and no minimum deposits
  • Use the staked funds for margin trading

SimpleFX Stake&Trade is a staking pool service where you can invest the frozen funds. Earn interest on your coins, and re-invest them trading stocks, forex, gold, or crypto for that extra edge over other traders.

Hedge your ETH 2.0 tokens with these leveraged short trades — perfect if you’re worried about future volatility in Ethereum’s price before it launches its long-awaited upgrade.



SimpleFX is an ergonomic trading platform, providing traders across the globe with cutting edge technology, ultra tight spreads and transparent conditions.