Olympics Cashback Is On! Opt in Now to Get $750 for Trading with Live Accounts

SimpleFX Olympics Cashback is on! Opt in to the offer and earn $750 paid in bitcoin for trading with us during the Tokyo Olympics.

Choose any of the 50 accounts - fiat and crypto. You can trade any asset - stocks, forex, gold, silver, indices, commodities - everything counts in our multidisciplinary promo.

Remember, you can send your fast and low-cost Binance Smart Chain. Make sure your wallet supports it before making a transfer.

The Olympics Cashback starts at 10:00:00 UTC on July 26 and ends at 10:00:00 UTC on August 6, 2021. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. The more you trade with your live accounts, the higher your reward. T&C apply.

Get Your $750 Bitcoin medal. Go to SimpleFX now.



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