Trade Dash and Monero Crypto 24/7 on SimpleFX App

We have added two more cryptocurrencies to SimpleFX: Dash and Monero.

Dash is a popular blockchain-based cryptocurrency that aims to address Bitcoin’s 10-minute confirmation weakness. Thus, it offers faster transactions than Bitcoin. Dash was launched on January 18, 2014, as XCoin and was rebranded to Dash on March 25, 2015. Dash means “digital cash.”

Dash (Dash vs US dollar) can be traded on SimpleFX with the ticker symbol DASUSD. Take advantage of the 5x maximum effective leverage.

Monero is a cryptocurrency that puts privacy first. It was the first among its peers to feature cryptography that provides bulletproof anonymity. Its blockchain disguises the participants’ addresses in order to make transaction details, including the number of tokens transferred, anonymous.

Trade Monero (Monero vs US Dollar) under the ticker symbol XMRUSD with as low as $54 and use up to 5x effective leverage.



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