“Valentine’s Week Bonus” Is On. Deposit, Trade, and Get up to $250

Our Valentine’s Week Bonus offer starts today until February 15, 2021. Don’t miss this chance to grab up to $250 cashback!

You probably already opted in. If not, do so, make a deposit, and trade grab your bonus cashback. The higher your deposit, the bigger your rewards. On SimpleFX, it’s so easy to pay in crypto or fiat.

Have you heard? Bitcoin is crawling back to $40,000, and Ethereum hits a new record at $1750. Trade the hottest stocks right now. GameStop short-sellers are reaping profits from its 85% drop since the recent high. Whereas, Virgin Galactic stocks are taking off with 127% YTD gain. Some market news during this week Trade these hot symbols on SimpleFX with up to 500x leverage.

Want more rewards? Just post your trading ideas on SimpleFX and get a chance to receive up to $100. Share your thoughts about short-term or long-term price moves. Make trend lines, show RSI, and use moving averages or other tools to show your predictions. Try it out!

Plan your trades well and take advantage of the Valentine’s Week Bonus. The offer lasts until February 15, 2021. Fund your accounts for a bigger bonus!

Learn more on our blog: https://blog.simplefx.com/2021/02/08/valentines-week-bonus-is-on-deposit-trade-and-get-up-to-250



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