Want a $2000 Reward? Opt In and Don’t Miss It

2 min readMar 3, 2021

What can you get by trading this spring? Up to $2000 cashback! Let’s trade and grow money this lovely season.

The Spring Cashback offer will run in four rounds from March 15 to April 28, 2021. Opt in to the offer to get huge savings of up to 20% from your trades. All you have to do is make a deposit and trade during each of the four rounds. With our leverage offer of up to 1:500, trading even a small amount can earn you hefty revenue!

Opt In to the “Spring Cashback” Offer

To join, you need to opt in first. If you don’t have a SimpleFX account yet, create one from the Spring Cashback page. It’s free and takes only a few seconds.

If you’re a SimpleFX user, just log in to SimpleFX and click on the “$2000” button next to the SimpleFX logo. Finally, click on the “Join now” button from the pop-up message.

That’s it. You have successfully opted in to the offer. From March 15 to April 28, 2021, you can trade with 20% off spreads and get up to $2000 cashback.

Do you have some amazing trading strategies ahead? Share them as trading ideas and get another $100. Try it out!




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